Olio Extra Vergine

Cultivar Taggiasca da Agricoltura Biologica spremuto a freddo. ACQUISTA ORA
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Olive E Specialità Liguri

Sulle colline della Liguria di Ponente coltiviamonulivi secolari di varietà Taggiasca ACQUISTA ORA

Organic Extra Virgin olive oil Taggiasca

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Our 'must' extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered, is obtained from Taggiasca variety olives, hand-picked in our olive groves and pressed using only the 'first pressing' of the fruit, following the traditional method of pressing with stone millstones.

The main characteristic of our extra virgin oil is its sweetness and delicacy of taste. The flavour has distinct sweet notes with hints of almond and pine nut. Our extra virgin oil is ideal to be combined with raw or boiled vegetables, with fish and for the preparation of sauces (mayonnaise, Ligurian pesto, walnut sauce), or homemade desserts as a substitute for butter. You can buy our products online or directly from the company.

During the winter months you can watch the olives being pressed and the entire production cycle. Our sales outlet at the oil mill is open all year round. We are available for guided tours and tastings for groups by appointment.

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